Time trial section:

Female category in under 7 minutes: 1st Anne in 6:23,2nd Marycke in 6:39, 3rd and 4th Shirley and Liz both in 6:42 (Photo no 51)

Male category in under 6 minutes: 1st Arda in 5:23, 2nd Malcolm in 5:33 (photo no 18)

Overall top 3 positions in weight loss and time trial category combined:

1st Arda: 1.7kg loss,2 % body fat loss, waist measurements stayed the same and the fasted time trial in 5:23 (photo no 3)
2nd Lew:  1 kg loss,1 % body fat loss,3.5cm waist measurement loss,time trail in 6:29 (not at party)
3rd Anne: 3.3 kg loss,1 % body fat loss,3 cm waist measurement loss,fast female I time trail in 6:23 (photo no 4)