As a personal trainer for 21 years I am constantly reminded that it’s the small positive things done on a regular basis that make the overall difference in achieving your goals.

Life is busy for all of us whether its juggling a family, work commitments or both, trying to be to rigid with a training program is sure to set you up for failure.

The better approach to maintaining or improving is small things done consistently over time that has the best positive outcome.

This approach makes your training and eating habits more flexible as you work around family and time commitments as apposed to not doing anything that particular day or letting bad eating choices creep in.

Examples of this would be:


  • if you can only fit in 10-20 minutes at the gym you could maximize your workout by going in focused and doing a hard HIT session (high intensity training that is resistance based) or using the HIIT sessions (high intensity interval training which is cardio based OR your own combination of the 2 training methods above.
  • This can also be done outside using your body weight for the resistance work and a few sprints around the garden or a nearby hill.
  • This is guaranteed to be worth the 10-20 minutes of effort.


  • Planning and food prep the night before has a huge success rate in you being able to stick to eating well in the day and not having to grab food on the run and then having limited choices of what to eat.
  • If you have to eat on the run make the best healthiest choice that you can and get back on track for the next meal so that your whole day is not all bad food choices.

When you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT with your training and nutrition and still not making progress look at the “small things“ again!


  • have you been doing the same routine for a long period of time, chances are you have and have hit a plateau(stagnated) so change things up a bit and you will be surprised at your progress.


  • Look at your portion sizes at each main meal.
  • Be mindful of the amount you are snacking on between meals as these can be the hidden calories that can sabotage the best training and nutrition program.