This years Spring Challenge saw Karen an outright winner in the overall position. She managed to lose 4,5 kg’s, 4 cm’s in girth measurements with a small drop in total body fat and improved her time on the circuit in convincing style. Karen has been a runner up on two occasions so 3 rd time lucky for her.

The ladies time trial was so close with a second separating the top 3.

In 1st place Marycke in a time of 3:51; Alex 2nd place in 3:52; Shirley 3rd in 3:53 and Anne(last years overall winner) 4th in 3:59.

The men were also in close contention with Wade winning the circuit in a blitz time of 3:20, Arda 2nd in 3:33 and Mark 3rd in 3:49.

Well done to everyone who give the challenge a go.