Tuesdays at 6am are non-negotiable. It’s time to get sweaty with the other 3 “Bootcamp Girls” and Barbara, something I’ve been doing for 9 years. The first few months of bootcamp left us feeling quite exhausted after each session, but now (except when Barbara opts for a particularly ferocious session) we’re all capable of keeping up our end of an animated conversation while still getting a very-thorough-full-body-know-you’ve-been-in-the-gym workout.

Over the past 9 years Barbara has been instrumental in helping us keep our middle-aged bodies in shape (quite successfully I think) with her fun and varied workouts and her excellent advice on nutrition: no dietary fads for Barbara, just good, sensible eating habits. I can’t claim to always follow her advice to the letter, but she has made us all more aware of the dangers of “beige food” and the benefits of just keeping moving. And I think she’s done a great job.

I wouldn’t miss our bootcamp sessions; after all, it just isn’t a proper Wednesday if I don’t feel just a little bit stiff.