“I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have never enjoyed exercise. When I seriously decided to change my life and get healthy I knew I needed someone that was going to support me along the way and keep me accountable and that’s why I decided to hire Barbara.

She makes eating healthy simple and enjoyable  with her nutrition coaching. She guides you on how to make realistic lifestyle changes to suit your goals. She encourages healthy eating that isn’t overly restrictive and easy to maintain long term.

Exercise was always my biggest problem and Barbara has been a huge motivator for me. Our sessions are always tough but doable and you will never have the same workout twice. She gives me workouts to do at home that have helped me develop discipline especially with regards to exercising regularly.

Through her coaching and support I have been able to lose 30kgs in the past 16 months. It is not easy but having someone like Barbara by my side is undoubtedly why I’ve come this far.“